The Micro Wand

One-touch temperature control

Various temperature settings and easy one touch change and LED indicators allow you to quickly choose the most appropriate setting for your hair or desired style.

Ceramic coated barrel

The ceramic coated barrel features our unique brand secret ingredient which nurtures hair and leaves it silky smooth and shining.

Swivel cord

Our unique swivel cord makes styling easy and limits tangles and mobility limitations of traditional styling tools.

Protective heat guard

The protective heat guard slips neatly over your wand barrel, allowing you to leave it to allow safe cooling after use.

Hibernation mode

Featuring inteligent hibernation mode, which places the device into sleep mode after a period of inactivity.

Identification chip

Each device is fitted with its own RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip containing its own unique ID number. This allows is to verify its authenticity and monitor its functiuonality.

Miniature yet mighty

Due to its size, this is a perfect travel tool. Plus, it works fantastic on shorter hair and afro hair.

Price includes:

The Brand New Micro Wand
Protective Heat Guard
Stylish Presentation Box

Warranty: One year
Payments: Fully secure
Authenticity: Warranty
Delivery: 4-7 days