The O Ultimate Set black

Super Fast Heat

The O Rollers heat up in less than 4 seconds thanks to our unique induction technology.

Cool Touch Technology

Our induction heat technology heats from the core outward meaning you can easily handle The O Rollers without burning your fingers.

Soft and Lightweight

The O Rollers are effortlessly light weight and nimble for maximum styling freedom.

Limitless Styling Options

Available in a variety of sizes, your styling options are as unlimited as your imagination.

Heat on Demand

With rapid heat technology you can heat the rollers you need, exactly when you need them. True Heat on Demand.


The O only heats the rollers you need, and uses seven times less energy than traditional heated rollers.

Price includes:

The O pod
4 x 30mm rollers
4 x 40mm rollers
4 x 50mm rollers
12 x clips
Luxury Carry Case

The O pod, The O rollers, clips, carry case and amplify spray
Payments: Fully secure
Warranty: 1 year
Delivery: 4-7 days