Your step-by-step guide to achieving gorgeous Oscar worthy curls

18 April 2014

Our home-grown beauty, Catherine Martin stepped onto the Red Carpet last week in true Academy Award style. Think Hollywood Glamour, the 1940’s and Veronica Lake and you have Catherine’s look. The Prada dress designed in collaboration with Catherine, shone with embellishments and beautiful floral detailing; encapsulating timeless Hollywood Glam. Finished with Tiffany & Co’s Schlumberger Brooch (worn as a pendent), the outfit itself was Oscar worthy.


Catherine’s personal stylist Clare McGrowdie at Gallo Hair, transformed Catherine’s typically straight locks using the Cloud Nine Micro Wand to create the perfect glamorous curls to go with the rest of the look. Here is Clare’s step-by-step guide:


1. Begin with freshly washed hair and detangle with a lightweight leave-in conditioner  Apply a styling gel to support the hairstyle – Cloud Nine recommends Moroccanoil Styling Gel


2. Thoroughly dry the hair with a round brush to smooth the hair and maintain body, then comb in a low side-part on the left-hand side


3. Starting from the parting, separate the hair in 2-inch wide by 1-inch deep sections and wrap the hair around the Cloud Nine Micro Wand, pinning as you go with pin-curl clips to allow the hair to cool and stay in shape


4. Apply a lightweight hairspray that can easily be brushed out – Cloud Nine recommends evo Builders Working Spray


5. Once the hair has cooled remove the pin-curl clips and brush out the hair, brushing from the top of the parting down to the ends


6. Brush the left-side flat and braid to the nape of the head, push the rest of the hair over the right shoulder to sit at the front


7. Intensify the creases of the wave by pressing and rolling the Cloud Nine Micro Wand into the crevasses of the curls


8. Apply a hairspray to keep the look together and prevent flyway’s -  Cloud Nine recommends Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray


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