The Secret Circle: Braids

11 September 2013

French Braids, Fish Tail Braids, Crowning Braids, Corn Rows…the possibilities of braiding are endless! Here is one we bet you’ve never heard of…


All hail - the new celebrity go-to - the ‘Peek-A-Boo’ Braid. You can work this look using anything from normal braid to a fishtail braid, whatever your heart desires! 

A super simple way to add a stylish twist to any hairstyle. Simply let the hair loose and select a thick strand of hair to plait. Once it is plaited, secure with an elastic band. The plait will appear now and then but not be on

We love this look on Ciara, whose fishtail plait can be seen peeking through her waves. Subtle, understated and undeniably chic. 


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