Halloween Hair

20 September 2013

Halloween is fast approaching and we are on hand to share with you the funkiest, most outlandish and more importantly, most fun, hairstyles for you to rock this year! 

Our favorite look has been achieved through a combination of The O and back combing, to create an untamed and very bold look! Although the above style has 5 steps, there’s no reason why you can’t stop at the 2nd or 3rd step for a less refined style.


We loved Christina Aguilera’s candyfloss style hair in 2012, a Halloween classic that can easily be achieved using the Cloud Nine Wand! Simply section hair into manageable strands, curl into tight curls, and then backcomb the top sections of the hair – Voilà!

For something a little less daring, an up-do such as a large bun is practical, comfortable and manageable throughout an evening and will look great with any outfit.


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