How do I know when my irons are ready to use?

Once the irons have been switched on the green light will start flashing and will illuminate on 150° whey they are ready to use. To select a higher temperature, simply press the button with the arrow facing upwards.

What happens if I forget to turn my irons off?

All Cloud Nine irons have an important safety feature - the hibernation mode. This intelligent sleep technology automatically kicks in when the irons have been switched on but not used for thirty minutes. When in this mode they'll cool down completely, and only reheat once you've switched them off and on again and selected the temperature you want.

Do the irons have dual voltage?

Both the standard and wide irons are supplied with a standard two-pin Euro plug but have been fitted with a UK 3-amp adaptor. Should you wish to use your iron in a country that uses the two-pin Euro plug, simply remove the screw that is positioned between the three pins and slide the adaptor away from the two-pin plug. On returning to the UK all you need to do is reverse this sequence. The micro iron does NOT have this feature.

How can I find out if my Cloud Nine product is genuine?

Although many irons on the market use a hologram to prove their authenticity, these can be easily copied. Therefore, Cloud Nine irons have each been given their own unique identity code thanks to a state-of-the art RFID chip. This chip is designed to protect you and your product from fraud or mis-selling. To confirm authentication, please contact us on 0845 0267 121

Is my Cloud Nine product still under warranty?

We offer a 12 months on all electrical, 6 months for The O rollers and clips, we undertake to provide you with a repair, replacement or refurbished product at our sole discretion and subject to the terms of this guarantee.

In order to qualify for your 12 month manufactures warranty you must activate it by registering your product here online within 14 days from date of purchase. This does not effect your consumer rights.

There is a fault with my irons/The O and I need to return it, what do I do?

See our Returns section for details of how to simply, safely and securely return your Cloud Nine product.

How do I know when The O is ready to use?

Once it has been switched on the power light will glow blue. You can then place a roller into the unit and within four seconds it will be ready to use. The 'Ready' LED light will appear at this point.

What size do The O rollers come in?

The rollers are available in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm & 60mm.

What temperature do The O rollers heat up to?

The rollers heat up to approximately 130°.

How many rollers can I heat up at once?

The O has been designed to heat up one roller at a time, but due to its futuristic technology each roller only takes four seconds before it is ready.

What type of rollers do I need to use for my hair?

For more advice on the size of rollers you need, please visit your nearest stockist and ask for a demonstration from one of their stylists.

Can I reheat a roller once it has already been in the pod?

Never reheat a hot roller; instead always wait until the heat indication spot has turned BLACK. DO NOT reheat the roller while the heat indication spot is coloured RED.

Need more help or advice?

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If you haven't found an answer to your question, get in touch via our Contact Us form and we'll respond as soon as possible. Please complete your details below, along with your query and the email address that you would like us to respond to.

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